Forest Faery Tale Kerensa Fantasy Sculpture

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Forest Fairy Kerensa
11” tall x 3 1/2 wide  x 4 1/4” deep
Original Art
Materials: epoxy clay, found objects, acrylics, varnish, love & Magic!

Kerensa (in Cornish her name means love) is tasked with delivering enchanted love letters across the forest, through out the villages and cottages in the woods. Sometimes there is the dreaded break up letters in her bags. Kerensa doesn't like delivering those and she's hoping there is only happiness in these letters. She's glad her snail friend Swirly Sammi has decided to join her on this journey. She was hand sculpted from epoxy clay, a two-part clay that dries hard as a rock, over an armature. She is painted  in acrylics and sealed her with love and magic! I made all of her little accessories, from the bags she carries to the tiny enchanted love scrolls. She has a panel in her skirt where I placed pressed leaves and some fairy glitter then put a couple layers of resin over it, giving it some depth. I put a lot of time and love into her and I hope that you will love her as much as I do!

Thank you so much to everyone that supports my small business! I truly appreciate you from the bottom of my creative heart!