Artist Embellished Resin Print Woodland Elf Fantasy Zellia

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8” x 10” OOAK embellished fine art reproduction mounted on a wood cradle with gallery 3/4" sides painted black, sealed with resin, hanger on back (ready to hang)

Original art
Materials: fine art print, acrylic, glitter & resin

I hand embellish each fine art print with paint, and glitter then seal them with a coat of resin. This one also has layers of colored resin on her. The sparkle is amazing! Each piece is initialed on the front and signed on the back. Ready to hang!

Zellia is one of th esecrets of the woodland forest. She is shy and sweet and a little unsure of herself. But she's a loyal friend, and once she knows you she's all laughter and loves deep conversations. She's eager to share the latest books she's read and has a loving heart.